New Jersey can sometimes be a little bit forgotten by tourists but it should be worth a visit in its own right. From hiking, water sports, huge parks, themed cafes and zoos to visit it makes for a perfect destination for anyone with plenty to see and do. It’s even close enough to stay here and visit New York if you’re are a more relaxing vacation. Have a look below at the list of places of interest in New Jersey that you should consider visiting.


If you’re looking for somewhere with an abundance of parks, activities, and places to eat and relax then Irvington is most definitely a place for you. The Mayor of Irvington NJ has made an effort to raise the profile of Irvington, making it a wonderful place to add to your list of travels. While here, you can take a trip to the South Mountain reservation where they have activities such as hiking, a zoo and 200 acres of a park or why not visit Eagle Rock Reservation which offers hiking trails and Manhattan skyline views.


Atlantic City

If you’re after a more lively seen then Atlantic City is going to be what you are after. It’s an active and lively city that offers something for everyone all year round. With the iconic boardwalk having things such as water sports, games, restaurants, bars, activities, museums, galleries and high-end shopping on offer, it’s no wonder so many people want to visit here. This place is known as the entertainment hub of New Jersey. There are also annual events that take place and are free to attend such as the Atlantic City Restaurant week and the Atlantic City Airshow.



A lot of people have heard a Newark and it’s not hard to see why. Famous for its natural beauty and known for having the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in America this is a real place of beauty for any traveler to see. Newark is a fairly cultural place to visit with its river tours, art museums, and Newark Symphony Hall, it would be the perfect place for someone who is artsy or just appreciated a bit of fine art and natural beauty.



It goes without saying that Princeton is a well-known area of not only New Jersey but the whole of America. A lot of tourists have this area on their list mainly because of the outstanding University of Princeton becoming famous around the world. It’s a city that is rich in culture, has stunning parks, outstanding monuments, and quaint old town shopping that is just beautiful. Princeton also offers a plethora of activities locally such as cycling, hiking, and kayaking. You can even get involved in local fruit picking, a perfect outing for a family. Why not take a tour around the Princeton campus and really delve into what it would be like to study there.

Do you have any other favorite places that should be seen in New Jersey? Please share them in the comments section below.